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DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES Proves the opportunities to the individual and organizations to attract and select each other through the Forum of DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES Employment Assistance Program:

  • Recruiting and job search are two sides of the same coin. DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES is the bridge, which links the two ends: the Employer and the Job-Searcher.

  • To the Employer DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES recommends the candidate who meets the job requirements.

  • To the candidates DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES provides job in formation to enable them to decide on the job-choice, which is based on two fold considerations namely, occupational choice and organizational choice

  • DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES is a licensed manpower recruitment agency and hence ensures compliance with the legal requirements of emigration of Sri Lanka nationals seeking foreign employment.

  • Employers and workers including all technicians, professionals, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled persons can depend on DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES for satisfactory placement serve.

  • DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES has more than 10 years experience in manpower supply to Saudi Arabia & Middle Eastern countries.

  • DAYAN LANKA ENTERPRISES is not only well connected and extensively exposed to potential Employers but also to different categories and classifications of manpower in Sri Lanka


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